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Selected Projects


The Reserve


Client / Architect- Worthe Real Estate / HLW

Location             -  Playa Vista, California, 12 acres


Through innovative site design and programming, KSA revitalised this 12 acre deteriorated former post office site, slicing a slot out of the building and linking it to over an acre of sustainable green park space


A 250' long by 50' wide sliver of roof was removed from the building; the resulting courtyard provides space and light for creative office tenants and is animated with the shimmering foliage of 20 birch trees.


Over 40,000 square feet of planting, native trees, decks and wetlands were carved out of the 7 acres of asphalt parking, with no loss of spaces, to extend the courtyard to the nearby Ballona creek. Over 600 trees were planted throughout the site to support tennant recreation, climate control and storm water management, transforming a blighted urban site into an amenity.

the Reserve_72213_0040.jpg
the Reserve_72213_0026.jpg
the Reserve_72213_0058.jpg
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