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Formosa Park, West Hollywood, CA

Selected list of Parks / Plaza / Civics


Algin Sutton Childcare Center

Aliso Pico Community Center

Fourth Avenue Park, Avocado Heights

Ballona Creek Overlook

Broadway Spring Center / Biddy Mason Park

Cerritos Community Arts Center

City Terrace Park

Cornfield Park / Los Angeles State Historic Park

Dan Blocker Beach

Denker Recreation Center

Escondido Cultural Center

Fire Station #13   Leed Silver 

Fire Station #21   Leed Certified

Fire Station #67   Leed Certified

Formosa Vest Pocket Park

Havenhurst Pocket Park

John Anson Ford Theatre

Legg Lake Access Project

Lake Perris Boating Facility

Northwest Police Station  Leed Gold

Ocean Park Parkways

Paul Revere Middle School

Reed Park, Santa Monica

Runyon Canyon Park

Veterans Memorial Park



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